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Team Subscription

$39.00 / year / Member

A standard Team subscription to SeedCulture will provide your employees with ongoing access to our ever-growing library of short sustainability courses. These engaging, interactive courses will provide them with a snapshot of key sustainability concepts, why they are important, and the positive actions that they can take at work and at home to contribute to solutions.

Our current courses include:

  • Sustainability Foundations
  • Climate Change 101
  • Living Sustainably: An Employee Guide
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Sustainable Finance

Each employee will also earn 3 trees planted per successful course completed, which you will be able to track via your Team Leader dashboard alongside your team’s learning outcomes. Additional Team Leaders can be assigned, and further learner seats can be purchased over time.

Our site is mobile-friendly, meaning that your team can complete modules anywhere, anytime.

Note: a Team subscription must include a minimum of 3 team members. Choose the number of team members in your subscription below (you can always add more later).

Would you like us to create custom content/onboarding modules to reflect your sustainability agenda and initiatives? Or want to provide access to more than 50 learners? Get in contact to enquire about our Premium Team offering today.

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